Pipeline Extends Work with Paragon Electronic Health Record
Through a new seven-year contract with Altera Digital Health, Pipeline Health is expanding its use of the Paragon electronic medical record.

The agreement will extend use of the system at Pipeline’s four Los Angeles-area hospitals and deploy the system at White Rock Medical Center. Demos are planned for early June in Dallas.

Important design sessions are kicking off this month with critical input from subject matter experts at hospitals in Dallas and Los Angeles. Target dates for go-live are Sept. 26 for LA and Feb. 1 for Dallas.

“The success of our EMR is dependent on the participation and feedback from subject matter experts at our hospitals,” said Pipeline Chief Information Officer Meghan Bisping. “We are asking these individuals to make our EMR design and development a high priority among their other work assignments.”

Bisping added that Pipeline staff have had a positive experience working with the Altera team for several years. “We are excited to expand on our shared history in serving the patients who need our care,” she said.

Pipeline Chief Executive Officer Robert Allen said the investment is important to the communities served by all of Pipeline’s hospitals.

“As we neared the end of our previous contract with Altera, we saw an opportunity to build on our joint success by reinvesting in our collaboration with Paragon,” Allen said. “This is another significant investment in serving the underserved communities around all of our hospitals with the safe, quality care and compassion that our patients deserve.”