When hospital staff show compassion to their patients, they do so in ways that are large and small.

And when patients and family members show their gratitude, that comes in all sizes, too.

Jim Fiala thanked the entire staff of Coast Plaza Hospital last month when he and his wife Wendy delivered lunch for all, including a variety of pizzas, rotisserie chicken and sodas.

Jim’s gesture was an expression of thanks for the care his father received during a month-long stay at Coast Plaza. The patient was a father of 10, described by his adult children as intelligent and caring.

He suffered a variety of health problems, including depression. Jim and his siblings were involved in his care until he died peacefully at home following discharge last month.

Son Peter Fiala was his father’s primary caregiver. According to hospital staff, throughout the father’s hospital stay, Peter constantly expressed his gratitude and appreciation to any and all staff who took of care of his father. Toward the end of his father’s hospital stay, Peter would say that even a few kind and encouraging words from staff made them feel more at peace.

Compassion continued even after discharge. A rosary was found in the father’s ICU bed —accidentally left behind by the Catholic family. One of the ICU staff handed it off to a social worker who returned it to Peter.

Once again, Peter said, the Coast Plaza staff went the extra mile.

The following note – signed from all 10 of the patient’s adult children – accompanied the lunch delivered to the Coast Plaza team Sept. 13.

“We want to graciously thank all the staff during more than a month’s stay at Coast Plaza Hospital. As you know, (our father) passed away peacefully at home per his wishes in his own home.

There are so many persons we would like to thank personally, but would be hard to recall. Some closest to (our father’s) care were Dr. Shu, Dr. Contractor, all the ICU nurses and social services staff, Joy, Angie, Ray and supervisor Monica. May God richly bless all of you in every way.

–John, Annette, Paul, Marie, Jim, Ruth, Peter, Andrew, Liz and Kathy