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Our business office personnel are available to assist you with the easy process of paying your bill.

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Insurance and Financials

From the moment you are admitted until you are discharged, Coast Plaza Hospital is dedicated to performing our responsibilities sincerely and professionally and responding to your needs. During your stay with us, charges will be made to your account based on the services that you receive. These charges are based primarily upon the orders that your physician has made regarding your medical care. You may be billed by physicians for their professional services based upon the tests and procedures that are performed.

Financial Assistance

If you need help paying your medical bills, we have business office personnel available to assist you with the easy process of:

  • Reviewing the eligibility criteria
  • Completion of the application
  • Verification of financial need
  • Review of other payor sources available (i.e., local, state, and federal healthcare programs)

We can help you apply for:

  • Discounts for uninsured patients
  • Financial assistance
  • Alternative payment arrangements

need help?

If you are in need of assistance with your hospital billing or would like to explore financial assistance options, please contact the Business Office.